We have 15 years unparalleled experience in the replication of CD’s. We offer innovating CD packaging. From eco-friendly to splashy digi-style products, Datamax has the experience and offer the right prices and products.


More then 15 years Datamax Benelux replicates CD’s in our modern CD-factory. This means we have many years experience in finding the right CD product. Do you want your CD printed with 5 colours and pack in a standard Jewel Box? And having a nice CD-Booklet of the highest quality? Or are you looking for a CD- carton wallet? A CD-digipack or a CD-digisleeve? Give your product a beautiful appearence. Wheater you choose for a CD-digipack or a CD- carton sleeve, always choose for the best quality. A beautifull CD packing ensures your product stands our.We can print your CD in CD offset printing and in CD silkscreen printing.

In the era of streaming, we see more and more a nice CD in a nice CD packing meets the desires of consumers having a physical tangible product. Datamax Benelux meets that need and replicates the most beautiful CD’s in the most beautiful packaging. CD-digipack, CD- digisleeve, CD- digifile, CD- jewel box or CD-carton wallet, we are happy to replicate it for you. Datamax has the knowledge to process your digital information into a beautiful CD endproduct. We replicate from 100 pcs and we offer our help with the delivery and production of your CD print files. We also offer a very fast production time and delivery time for your CD’s.


Below you will find answers to technical questions you may have for the delivery of your CD production. Is your question not listed? Send an email to

How do I create the perfect audio master for CD?

For submitting a useable mastering image for the production of audio CD’s we offer three different possibilities at DataMax Benelux. You can read everything about it here.