Wat zijn de aanleverspecificaties voor drukwerk en verpakkingen?

Supplying correct digital files for printwork and packaging is essential to get everything delivered exactly as desired. We are happy to explain how to deliver them.

The following applies to all paper printing and packaging:

  • A cutting margin (bleed) of ± 3mm: without this extra bleed there is a very high chance of white edges and the file cannot be processed.

Example cutting margin

white edges when cutting margin is missing

  • Important texts and logos: where possible, keep these ± 2mm from the folding or cutting edges to ensure that no part is cut off.

Delivery specifications for (CD) booklets

    • Stapled booklets can be supplied as separate pages. Putting on imposition is not necessary.
    • For perfect bound booklets (with spine) we supply an extra template for the cover because of the thickness of the spine. The cover and the inside may each be in a separate file.


  • With special folded booklets such as accordion and parallel fold, keep a close eye on where the front and back pages are. This is indicated in our template and is different for every folding method and number of pages.

Packaging with template Technical specifications digital files

For packaging such as wallets, digipacks and digifiles, use the template supplied by us.

Delivery of spot colors

Spot colors (Pantone, HKS) must be supplied on the same page as the CMYK image.

Post-processing or special finishing

Images for additional post-processing of the printwork must be submitted on a separate page. Consider, for example, spot UV varnish, embossing or foil printing. We strongly recommend that you work with vector image and text. Many post-processing cannot be performed with a rasterized image.

Technical specifications digital files

For fast processing, we ask you to deliver your files according to the following specifications:

  • Print-ready high-resolution PDF file
  • Resolution of images at least 300 dpi
  • 3 mm bleed (cutting margin)
  • Fonts embedded or vectorized
  • Color space/color profile: ISO Coated V2 (FOGRA39)
  • CMYK. (RGB will be converted, but color differences might occur)/li>
  • 1 PDF file per product component. (For example 1 booklet with 32 pages instead of 32 separate files
  • Put black text in ‘overprint’ and white text in ‘knockout’. Datamax does not check this!

Other file formats, such as jpeg, Indesign or Photoshop PSD are also possible. In that case, please contact us to discuss.

Do you have questions about printwork and packaging?

Please contact us via sales@datamaxbenelux.nl, by telephone on 0182 300 360 or fill in our contact form. We are happy to help you!