DataMax Benelux offers multiple packaging options for your album, EP, CD-single or DVD. We are happy to explain the options to you, so that you can choose the best solution for your situation.

The standard CD packaging

CD in cardboard wallet

This low-budget packaging is often used for CD singles and samplers. The wallet has a glossy dispersion varnish as standard.

CD in plastic or paper sleeve

If the CD needs to be packed in a magazine or book, this is the perfect solution. The plastic and paper covers are available with or without a self-adhesive back.

CD in jewel box

This classic has been a packaging that is often chosen by artists for many years. The handy, plastic packaging is sturdy and offers a very good protection for the CD. You can choose from a jewel box with a black or transparent tray. With a transparent tray, the inside of the back inlay is visible, so this requires a double sided back inlay. The tracklist and barcode are often stated on the inlay.

The booklet can be used to display lyrics and photos. A booklet of up to 48 pages fits in the jewelbox.

CD in brilliantbox (2-CD box).

The brilliantbox is a jewelbox for 2 CDs. 2 CDs can be placed on either side of the hinged tray. This packaging can also be supplied with a black or transparent tray.

Unique packaging for CDs

CD in digipack

If you are looking for a unique packaging with a luxurious look, the Digipack is the right solution. This packaging is standard available with 4 or 6 pages or panels. Other variants with 8 and 10 pages are also possible.

If your CD production includes a booklet, it can be inserted in a slit or sleeve. The CD is placed on the plastic tray of the digipack. A Digipack can contain multiple trays. The Digipack is available in both CD and DVD format.

CD in Digisleeve or Digifile

This is the environmentally friendly alternative to a Digipack. This packaging is entirely made of cardboard. With a Digisleeve, the CD is inserted in a sleeve. With a Digifile, the CD is inserted in a slit. You can also add a booklet to your product which will be inserted in a slit or in a sleeve. Digifiles or sleeves are available in 4, 6 or 8 pages. Digifiles are also available in DVD format.

CD in Media Book

By packing the CD in a hardcover book you give your album a very exclusive look.

The CD can be packed in a sleeve or on a tray, which is glued in the mediabook. The number of pages of the book is unlimited. Multiple CDs can also be packed in a Media Book.

CDs in clamshell box (Digibox)

A clamshell box is the ideal packaging if your project contains multiple CDs. Each CD goes in a cardboard wallet or paper sleeve and is placed in a hard cardboard box, often together with a booklet and/or all kinds of gadgets. Everything is possible!

DVD in DVD box

The plastic DVD box is the standard packaging for DVDs. You can choose from a black or transparent box. An single or double sided inlay or cover is placed around the DVD box. The DVD is clicked onto a hub. It is also possible to place a DVD format booklet in the DVD box.

Looking for something special?

Special finishes

To make your album extra special, different finishes are possible at an additional cost.

As standard, our cardboard digi packagings are finished with a matt or glossy dispersion varnish. At an additional cost, you can also opt for UV varnish or laminate for an extra glossy or matte appearance. To stand out even more, gold foil, embossing (relief printing) or spot UV (parts of the packaging with a high gloss finish) are popular options. Additional pantone colours on the printwork are also possible.

Special CD effects: vinyl or gold look

We can print your CD with a ‘vinyl look’ print. The CD then has the appearance of a small LP. Normally a CD is pressed from transparent plastic, but if you combine a ‘vinyl look’ CD with black plastic, this completes the vinyl effect.

We can also metalize your CD in ‘gold’. Instead of the well-known silver, the bottom of the CD is completely gold-coloured.

Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Additional protection

To protect your product against dust and dirt, we recommend applying cellophane or shrink wrap.

At Datamax Benelux we understand how important the printwork is to our customers. We therefore take great care of it. So feel free to contact our team. Thanks to our many years of experience in the market, we can advise you like no other about the desired packaging for your CD or DVD.

Do you have questions about the various packaging we offer?

Please contact us via, by telephone on +31 182 300 360 or fill in our contact form. We are happy to help you!